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Welcome to a place dedicated to beauty from within, healing, and wellness.

Through my work, I’ve charted the natural flow of energy between myself and each of my clients in order to help them find balance through everything that they release. Creating that safe space allows me to listen to their body story and their life story.

Every Story Matters

What led me to this pathway were my personal experiences and my client’s stories, past traumas, abuse, neglect, tremendous loss, and most importantly the lack of understanding of how to emotionally self-regulate. Listening to your body and sharing your story is the first significant starting point. Every story matters and every person’s pain become a little more bearable when it is shared.

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Hi, it's nice to meet you - I'm Nona Maria!

I welcome you all to a place where beauty from within, healing, and wellness is the primary goal. Our body system is designed to speak to us if we are in perfect balance.


My treatments are looking at the body as a dynamic system and understanding that if you affect one part of the body you affect the rest of it. My aim is to approach the body as a holistic system and energy system while the mind and body are part of it. I call it “multiholistic” therapy with a safe and gentle approach to treat not only the skin but mind, body, and rebalancing energy as one therapy.

As we all are beings of frequency and part of the cosmic system, the treatments I’ve combined consist of releasing the blockages on the meridians in the body on the whole and tapping into the energetic frequencies in the body as well as creating beautiful, glowing skin.

Face Reflexology is More than a Facial

Skin Treatments

Be The Temple of Your Body